Kutaisi is a city in western Georgia, the capital of the Imereti region. It is Georgia’s second-largest city after Tbilisi and is fifth among the oldest cities in Europe. Kutaisi has maintained the status of a united Georgian capital for 124 years until in 1122 David the Builder moved the royal throne to Tbilisi. However, Kutaisi remained an essential city of cultural and historical significance. Nowadays, Kutaisi is the second city in Georgia with its developed infrastructure and culture. There are higher and professional colleges, museums, theaters, galleries, etc. There are also restaurants, cafes, hotels, cinemas and other vital places in the city where you can enjoy a relaxing time. Kutaisi attracts many tourists with its abundance of historical and cultural monuments. The castle of Ukimerioni, Gelati, Bagrati Cathedral, as well as many other cultural and natural monuments and the beauty of the city itself, will surely make you fall in love with Kutaisi.

Kutaisi and its surrounding areas are distinguished by the beautiful nature and abundance of cultural monuments. If you visit Kutaisi you should definitely visit Sataplia and Prometheus Caves near Kutaisi, Tskaltubo Municipality. One of the sights of the city is the Kutaisi Botanical Garden, where about 700 species of plants are cultivated. The history of Kutaisi dates back to ancient times, and therefore there are many monuments of historical and cultural significance, both pre-Christian and medieval. The grand and impressive Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, which was the crypt of the Georgian kings and where the greatest king of Georgia - David the Builder is buried. Close to the city, there is a resort of healing waters and beautiful nature, Tskaltubo, where you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

The Kutaisi International University Campus is located in the environmentally clean area near Kutaisi.spread out on 160 hectares of land, surrounded by a forest with a river running through it. The participants will stay at KIU campus during Olympiad.

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IOAA 2022 will be hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia by Kutaisi International University. More than 200 students from 47 countries will participate in the Olympiad.

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Tskaltubo is a spa resort in in west-central Georgia, 7km away from Kutaisi. It is main town of the Tskaltubo Municipality of the Imereti province and is know for its radon carbonate mineral springs. Observers and team leaders will stay at a hotel in Tskaltubo.

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